Monday, April 12, 2010


Friday's poetic post about yearning somehow prompted this fantastical comment from someone who seems to share some opinions with one of my brothers. So, this is what happened to the Republican party: they went skipping down paranoid lane in the state of bigotry toward the looney bin. Anyway, aren't we just a quiet little literary blog? What do you suppose brought on this assault with the written word?

In the last 50 years, liberals(LIKE OBAMA) have sided with every enemy that America has had.Viet Cong troops were loved by Hanoi Jane and Hanoi John and you liberals supported the communist troops over those of us that were drafted and had to go over there Communist USSR - Stalin was called "Uncle Joe" by Liberals (commie loving scumbags) while he exterminated close to 25 million people. Cuba - Fidel a folk hero loved by liberals everywhere Venezuela - Chevez, another communist dictator revered and loved by liberals Terrorist Nations and terrorist groups (they're peaceful people who hate women / anyone who's not in their particular sect / behead people / blow themselves up as well as children 2. Show their complete hatred of any thing patriotic and Christian 3. Teach children that perverts are living an alternate and wholesome lifestyle. 4. Believe that murderers and other deviates are just mis-understood people that shouldn't be in prison. "If only we could have a talk with them and point out how their behavior disappoints us"..... this also works with terrorists, maybe they just need a timeout! 5. Liberal support of illegal scumbags causing crime, getting free medical care, subsidized housing and food, free schooling all paid for by us taxpayers. 6. Demanding and passing laws that give criminals more rights than victims. 7. Yesterday one of you liberals on here posted saying you were looking for a site that was something like "f&^k the troops" and saying that they wanted to find the site and say how much they supported them. Proving again that you phony liberals don't really "Support Our Troops" its just another pack of PC lies covering up your hatred of this country. And many more ways.... They want to change America to the "new communism" as some of you liberals have told me (being anonymous here allows you liberals to state what your goals actually are). Go to this site dedicated to the communist party: and see that they have recommended every liberal democrat candidate that has run for the presidency during the last 4 or 5 elections and probably more. Read the communist stated goals, compare them to the goals set by the democrats..... suprise! they're the same. UNLIKE LIBERALS WHO LOOK AT THIS AS A PLUS.....I DON'T VOTE FOR CANDIDATES THAT ARE RECOMMENDED BY COMMUNISTS.IF YOU DON'T STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!! Support Our Troops -> OBAMA IS A JOKE. HE IS RUINING AMERICA AND SIDING WITH TERRORISTS. HE HATES OUR TROOPS AND WANTS TO KILL BABIES. HE IS NOT HELPING THE HARD WORKING AMERICANS JUST THE LEFT-WING LOONS WHO HELPED HIM GET INTO OFFICE! HE CANT EVEN TALK WITHOUT HIS TELEPROMPTER TELLING HIM WHAT TO SAY. THIS GUY SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR SEVERAL REASONS. WWW.OBAMACRIMES.COM LIBERALISM - ABANDON THE SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH SETTLE FOR A GOOD FANTASY. IF OBAMA IS THE ANSWER, IT MUST HAVE BEEN A STUPID QUESTION.

Also, why so shout-y? Nobody listening when you get your crazy on?


cookie said...

My blog gets political spam from time to time, and it's a recipe blog. Your blog must be on some kind of list of popular blogs, or on maybe it's on the blogroll of a democrap. If you let the comments go through, you'll just get more....don't feed the trolls, at they say on the webs.

Anonymous said...

Dad? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

This is just another spam bot.

I got the same missive on my site.


Writer, Rejected said...

Darn...I never know the trolls from the individualized crazies, from the spam.

Steve said...


Fartboxen said...

There's are no time. No body throw to the wall. Whobama? Evertime I bring umbrella there no rain. I eats apples!

Anonymous said...

That last sentence made me laugh; it's a one-liner I haven't heard before. If such-and-such is the answer, it must have been a stupid question. I'm going to use that one!

Anonymous said...

So it's political spam...but can someone explain why it exists? I'm being serious. What's the point of it? Is this someone's serious missive that they've typed out and worked to spam all sorts of blogs? To what end -- to spread their well-constructed views? They actually think this will get people to read their website? I guess I'm struggling because it all seems too stupid to exist.

Or is it more complex than that, some kind of meta political commentary that I don't even get?

I agree, though, that I do like the last line and I might start using it, too!

cookie said...

The rant promotes some website, so maybe the point is to get people to sign up for a mailing list, buy some political products, or maybe the website just infects your computer with malware, who knows. I never check out the links that come in my comment spam. Sometimes I get them where the entire comment is hyperlinked

The ulterior motive with political spam is usually to get people to go to some site, which somehow brings in $$$ for the site owner.