Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And, And, And...

This rejection form letter is in love with the complex sentence, and it's kind of weirdly written. (And) robotic sounding to this ear: "We assure you that your submission was given full consideration, and we thank you for considering SxSW when you decided on festivals in which to submit."  Yikes.  Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, film festivals are the worst. Every rejection costs at least $35, and you have to submit to just as many festivals as you do journals for fiction. And, they only happen once a year.

just a low level lit mag editor said...

Such lengths to avoid a dangling know, it's really ok to end a sentence with "to." That rule is archaic.

Anyway, they got it wrong: when you decided on festivals in which to submit, that should be to which to submit. Damn that shit's awkward. Why not just say, and we thank you for deciding to submit to SxSW.

Mz M. said...

The only thing more scammy than literary contests -- screenplay contests. I wish I had a buck for every $35 I wasted on those.

Anonymous said...

W/R, are you aware of any live, in the flesh, person who has submitted to Agni and not gotten the "this is not our customary rejection" rejection??? Because a quick survery of literary mag submitter friends turns up an astonishing number of them. Which begs the question, how can they say it's not customary???

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