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Friday, May 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Friday Thoughts

Well, believe it or not, I have found some sort of renewed energy for my novel. Yes, that's right. My novel. I had a pretty amazing revelation recently about the main character that has given me the ability to go back through page by page from start to finish (something I admit I used to love doing when finalizing a short story, but have never managed with my novel), so that's hopeful. There are a bunch of agenty people who have the previously final version and are reading it, so with any luck, I can replace their dusty old copies with the new one. (Will it never end?)
     Also: I was at a party last night and overheard someone talking about being at Mardi Gras a few years ago and seeing a woman wearing a skirt made out of literary rejections.  I love that idea.  Why haven't we thought of this before, mice?  A whole new line of clothing for sale! Rejection Dresses! LROD Skorts! Literary Culottes. Anyway, have a good weekend, everybody.


pp said...

how about diapers made from rejections? come to think of it, i recycle mine anyway, so maybe they are already on the bum of a baby wearing eco-friendly disposable diapers.

Anonymous said...

W/R come one. Just put the thing on Amazon and we'll all order it. You know that if you "came out" and announced an eBook release you'd hit the jackpot. Why give anyone else any more power?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any novel excerpts that can stand alone as short stories?