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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easier Than Ever

According to GalleyCat, an announcement from Barnes & Nobles, illustrates how easy it soon will be to get distribution for your self-published books. Introducing PUBIT!. (The exclamation point is apparently part of the name, which is awfully close to pubic, no?) I think I hear the publishing industry creeping a little closer to collapse.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I guess they mean for it to sound like "Pub it!" (publish it) but it REALLy sounds like "Pube it!"

I never before thought of using "pube" as a verb, but congratulations, publishing industry. Congratulations.

trogn said...

same exact word association ran through my head. the exclamation point accentuates the pubeyness of it. i think a simple "PUBBIT" would have worked better. granted, it looks like rabbit, but rabbits beat pubes.

d minus said...

yes, the double consonant helps, and publishers should understand basic phonetics, but really... when you think about it... the clap never stopped "The Clapper" from hitting it big.

"Pube this, pube that.. the PubIt!"

Lit J said...

The upper case helps a bit PubIt! is better than PUBIT!

Anonymous said...

You guys are hysterical. How in the world did the people who named this thing NOT go though the same word associations we just did? Or were they aware but just didn't give a crap? Maybe they *wanted* it to be this horrendous. Whenever I see something like this, I picture the person responsible is a disgruntled employee who really, really wants to get fired.

I'm still laughing over "Pubbit" which, yes, made me think of rabbits. No matter WHAT you try to do to this name, it's bad. Hopelessly bad. Jesus.