Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do Your Google Research, People

Here's some good practical advice about how to query agents from author Kelly Wittmann's Five Agents and A Funeral Blog.  Her method is one I've used many times on my own because it's simply a pragmatic use of the resources available. Worth the read as a refresher course. Kelly, btw, cleverly calls herself, "a character-driven writer navigates her way through a plot-driven world."  Indeed.  


Anonymous said...

Wittman's plan is not bad.

After being wary about WEbook, I found it does all these same things for me, in a nice organized way. They are going to start charging for their service, but -- for me personally -- the fee for services is less that I used to pay to make copies of my manuscript.

What I like about WEbook is that not only is it keeping track of submissions, it's matching me with agents who are also hooked into WEbook. So now, I can fall back on, "well it's not ME that is so presumptuous as to think I'm worthy of your representation... but WEbook seems to think so." If you get what I mean. It kind of softens some of the rejections.

Fartboxen said...

There's are agent for book maker. Many are like to make your book if you are them happy. Have sure to like agent in letter and then you make success. Don't hello to me. I cannot help like good advice. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I like querytracker, which maintains your database and reports on other searches, and also has links to agents' websites. Wittmann's system is unwieldy, and the idea that EWA is anything more than a highly subjective list is suspect. P.S. I have no idea what commenter above is trying to say.