Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Way to Do It

Martini expert Amelia Sauter protected the name of the review by blacking it out but not her own name. Interesting strategy: a non-anonymous blog. Why didn't I think of that? Just kidding. Anyway, she's interesting for other reasons, like she owns a martini bar and is a musician.  ]Me, I've got a super-duper boring day job and only one vague talent with words. It's always been my only charm (except I can cook with a modicum of creativity), so my non-anonymous blog would have been really dumb. I have to say that this blog has been great fun and a huge comfort. I love all the mice, cynical and innocent, and have actually come over the past 4 years to feel much less personally trodden upon by big-footed publishing. That in itself is something of a miracle. And, anyway, who am I, or was I, to think my message is the one that should get mass-produced? Is there even room in this celebrity-worshipping mess for another message, especially a simple one? Jonathan Franzen would probably answer in the affirmative, but most of us aren't him. Thank goodness. I'm still holding a grudge for Oprah from 2001, though according to sources, all appears to be forgiven.

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rmellis said...

Haha, funny, she owns the only bar I ever go to. She gave me hair advice once.

I'm still carrying the Oprah grudge, too. It's not even a grudge at this point, but an unshakeable opinion. Have you read Freedom? It will probably make you mad.