Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taking a Pass

You probably only get accepted if you're already famous. I wonder if famous writers submit their work to Narrative using this plebian online method. Probably the really famous have their agents send the story by gilded messenger pigeon. (Do agents of the very famous still represent short stories?  In the old days, they did.) Forgive these musings because, really, what's the diff to me and you?


Anonymous said...

I can beat that. Zoetrope short fiction contest. Entry # 28,773. Really? Greer's going to read 30K+ short stories. No, he's going to read about, what, 20? Maybe 50?

If that's really the number of entries. they've made almost half a million on that contest 24 hours before the deadline. And the winning prize is 1000 bucks. Impressive.

Writer, Rejected said...

...and yet somehow depressing.

rubonssn said...

"pass" is dreadful, i think i've passed the test, but no! i've been rejected. why don't they use "declined" or :(

Anonymous said...

Anonymous--when did you submit? I submitted a few weeks before the deadline and I'm like entry 36 thousand something. After I saw that I wished I hadn't have done it.
I don't understand where all the money is going from the contest. They print the winner online and he/she only gets a grand. Where's the other 499 thousand going???