Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn Approaches

I had a fruitful discussion with 99 yesterday.  While we were talking, I actually had a brainstorm (such a dumb word that people use in my employment activities every day) and figured out how to fix one of the major narrative problems caused by a recent revisions.  It's all such a delicate tapestry, isn't it?  Pull one thread to tight and suddenly there's a big run in the middle of your plot.  Anyway, we decided to ignore all the other (committee) comments and try to get at the underlying issue.  So, I have one more (quick, I think) revision involving the rebuilding of some lost tension in the first part of the novel.  So, I'm back at it.  I did ask Agent 99 if she's thought about where she's going to send the manuscript and she said she had; she'd even spoken to a few editors about it. Looks like it's actually going out this fall, laddies and germs.  Aren't we lucky ducks?

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lulu said...

I don't want to jinx anything by saying congrats, but...Congrats!