Thursday, September 23, 2010

Didn't Even Remember The Guy

Tonight I got a rejection for my novel from an agent I didn't even remember.  I had submitted the novel to him last June (by which I mean 2009; that's a year and three months ago).  I won't share it here just yet because now I'm all paranoid and stuff. (I'll just say this: "Young Adult, my patooty, Bub; you simply don't have the availability to take on any new clients at this time, but you did have availability to share my materials with several of your colleagues? (Read: the guy you pay $15/hour to come in on Saturdays and read three pages, didn't like it.") Instead, micies, I submit for your philosophical consideration the above absurdity. What if your dentist rejected you? What then?

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prizint said...

depends, do i scream a lot and need heavy sedation? maybe i should get a dentist who's aight with that.

it's not uncommon for doctors to drop difficult patients. there are doctors who specialize in helping people who are terrified of visiting the dentist/doctor, and they can better treat the patient because they use gas.

about the agent. all i can say is what a loser. 15 months? why even bother to send a letter at that point unless the agent is stroking his/her own ego. "look, i'm so on-the-ball i respond to every submmission."