Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Inspiration for Daunting Tasks

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." --Oscar Wilde

p.s. Agent 99 got back to me with advice to dive back in one more time with some structural changes. She felt that the work we did this summer didn't exactly address the thing that we identified was wrong with the novel from the get-go. She was very kind and made some very lofty comparisons of how popular and literary she thinks the novel can be if I can fix the problem.  I was hoping not to have to restructure, for fear of ruining everything, but I think she's right; it's what I need to do. Turns out the six month hiatus was good.  After being away form it, I think I'm up to the task.  Sometimes time is just the thing to offer a fresh perspective. Anyway, I'm going back in; wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! May this be IT and 2011 the Year It Gets Published!

Laura Maylene said...

Good luck!!

(What is up with that camel, though?)

Writer, Rejected said...

Right? I went kind of astray there, didn't I? It was supposed to be something like "Let sleeping camels lie," or "Please don't shoot my camel." But that really makes no sense. A better metaphor would have been a shark in the water into which I am diving. But I'm on an intense work deadline and nervous about the novel rewrite, so my brain is misfiring. Forgive the misguided supine desert animal imagery. No time to fix just look away, If you'd be so kind.

Anonymous said...

LROD, good luck! You're up to the task!