Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Are Not One of The Beautiful People

This was sent in by an (apparently unattractive) LROD mouse. Click on it to read. Not literary, but funny.


i'd rather take a fattie said...

Anyone who seeks companionship by joining a site called "beautiful people" must have the depth of personality rivaled only by that of lima beans. Self-selection for shallow boring people. Yay.

And I say this as an attractive person who is pretty superficial when it comes to choosing mates.

Anonymous said...

No but I am. I really am.

Anonymous said...

I tried it and if your not on steroid or have big breasts /hot picture your not getting in. To think people would approve you just for a nice smile and a real pic lol

but some of people have nice faces but no personalty.

Anonymous said...

cnn- "please put a bag over your head and leave the room your not" self absorbed enough to look this queer lol. funny!

as a unshaved beast-
bags under- my- eye- writer I know that i would not get in, but, come on let's do what I did post your worst photo to poke fun of the site :)

Anonymous said...

one last comment....
this is harder to break into then in
something tell's me that they only accepted friend and famous actors or rich people. they are equivalent to poetry magazine or new yorker of dating sites. if you don't get in don't put a bag over your head be happy your human and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh but it's NOT superficial, it's NOT all about looks only. You also have to be smart and educated on that site.

This is a random example, from one of the actual Beautiful People's profile info sections (she's blonde, blue-eyed and highly attractive too of course):

romantic, funny, caring, adventerus like chalanges ;)

Awesome then.

Anonymous said...

You mean you cant be blue colar worker with dirt under the finger nails? lol

you could be a redneck
you don't get in ?

do guy's like girl who mood wrestle ?

Anonymous said...

weep...weep I will never be beautiful because they wouldn't except me weep...lololollollol

Anonymous said...

i got in, and its actually quite dull. i never use the site