Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Your Literary New Year's Resolution?

Mine is to get the novel published, same as it is always is, but also to make some tracks into the memoir. Oh, and not to be so neurotic about the whole thing. I'm planning on a very Zen year. You?

p.s. In the meantime, Happy 2011, Rosemary Ahern, wherever you are.


Jennifer Fiddes said...

1.) Write everyday.
2.) Submit everyday.

That's it, I'm trying to keep it simple this year to help follow through.

Kay said...

paint or draw everyday..
try to write again for my own enjoyment
write letters..actual letters

Anonymous said...

MY IS not get rejected anymore lol
I love it when editors say thing
"could have been much worse if we accepted you "lol
made magazine-

Anonymous said...

I love Jennifer Fiddes's comment!

I have an agent to find, a story collection to shop around, and a novel to finish and shop. Those are the biggies. But in terms of what I know I can accomplish, I still prefer Jennifer's, and that's my real resolution.

Good luck with the book, and please, find some way to tip us all off when it's out!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all, on this auspicious day of 1-1-11 I resolve to steal all the above resolutions.

Happy 2011, WR. May your novel come out and you too - identity wise, that is (so we can all buy/read it).

Cari Hislop said...

I'm keeping it simple too. A writer friend mentioned she had a goal to write one sentence a day which I really like because even if I feel like I'm going to die I can write one sentence...and if I write one, I'm bound to write more. So I've copied her goal and hope to finish my two stubborn books and send them out into the world to find their readers.

This year I'm going to spoil my
inner artist/child rotten. My goal is to be healthy and have lots of fun. I'm going to take lots of photos, paint, draw, sculpt, write silly poems, design improbable dream houses... I'm leaving sensibility and sickness boxed up under the bed!