Monday, January 3, 2011

Must We Reject You More Than Once?

A lovely rejection to start the new year right. It's a good resolution: don't send submissions to places that have already rejected your work. But you knew that, right? Actually, if truth be told, I've probably done this very misguided thing. Seems like editorial staffing used to change round the clock, so I'm quite sure on a few occasions, I used that chaos to my advantage. I mean, what if the fresh young new editor happened to like my work more than the drab old editor? Anyway, nothing worse than getting caught though. The rejection above was sent in by an LROD reader as a warning to all. Be careful out there, mice.


Native Ink said...

Now that submissions are stored digitally, it's probably harder to get away with this sort of thing. At the very least, you'd probably have to give your story a new title.

Anonymous said...

be honest-
editer take out the "a" and "fit for us"