Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coffee-Stain-Police-Violence Rejection

So much craziness going on in one little rejection.  I am tempted to point out all the fun here, but I think I'll let you mice have at it.  What do you see? Let's rorschach that coffee stain!


Anonymous said...

LOL those this guy also operate inside of his homes garage? better yet his soon's tree house.With a stain like That I suspected homer Simpson was appointed editor.also look for crumbs.

Anonymous said...

hello, i am going to use all lowercase...

some thoughts in o particular order:

1) are you ok? the accident stuff seems really worrisome. yes, shit happens, but more shit happens when people are depressed.

2) have you thought about exploring things with other agents, if you feel good about your draft? do you really believe her? do you feel that your book is actually ready for the world even if she doesn't?

Only you can know. Not anybody else's. It's not anybody else's book, after all.

Did you know Ron Rash's original editor (before his agent found him a different one for the book) thought that his blockbuster Serena should just be a 'short story at most'? can you believe it? it's just about a perfect novel,lyrical, haunting, dramatic, vernacular but also engaging Macbeth. It's a GORGEOUS and unique book. You can't allow anybody to take the uniqueness out of your book by making it what they think it should be. And in general, agents don't know how to write books.