Saturday, January 15, 2011

Down for the Count

Dudes, I had a little surgery yesterday, so was offline. Nothing glamorous like a face/ass lift or a nose/boob job.  Just a little oral situation that needed fixing so my teeth will stay in my head as I grow older. Very vulnerable having people sticking their hairy hands in your mouth and cut at your gums, though the Vicodin sure does help in a magical way.  Did you ever notice how good narcotics make the air smell?  Like pure goodness in the form of breathable gas. Last night, I also thought I could see the blood coursing through the veins in my hands. (As you can see, I'm not much of a heavy weight with the drugs.)  I'm already off them today, except for ibuprofen. I'll be back good as new, and chewing solids, by Monday. Have a good long weekend everybody. Agent 99 may be in touch with feedback as soon as Tuesday. I'll keep you posted.


Kay said...

get better soon...soup and pureed peas are awful to live on.

Laura Maylene said...

I'm with you on the drugs. When I had my wisdom teeth out, the percocet made me tweak so much that I stopped taking it and dealt with the pain. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

oh! you should of got a boob job lol
it could of increased your chances of getting published.