Friday, January 7, 2011

Handwriting Analysis, Anyone?

I've been rejected by Diana Finch, I think, but not via personal messaging. My impression was that she was a young agent, but this handwriting looks like my Nonnie's script. Anyone out there care to analyze? Be smart about it; this agent graduated from Harvard.


Brandi Guthrie-Sellers said...

They must be employing some child labor, methinks.

Anonymous said...

The handwriting looks fairly immature, but many adults *are* immature in some areas. The largeness of the middle zone letters (s, n, etc.)coupled with the lack of height in the upper zone (h, k, etc.) is indicative of a present-oriented person who may not plan ahead well or often forgets to consider the consequences of her actions.

She's also self-conscious and has fairly low self-esteem...not sure that helps you at all, but it's interesting anyway. :)

TraitTracks Handwriting Analysis

Anonymous said...

If many adults are immature?
then who's to say what mature is?
those it exist?

I am a published, award-wcreativenonfictionbutwhatever said...

arthritis or non-dominant hand. it's the penmanship of someone who tried to write neatly with a hand that was not capable of doing so. when faced with this challenge, many people opt for simplified letter styles.

Anonymous said...

speaking of generic ! I got this rejection- I don't member this editor.oh! well it had to be like a few years back when I sent them a submitted piece.

"Sorry we could not use your work and very sorry we took so long to get back to you.
All best,
the editors"

Anonymous said...

its was from. I was one of the rare cases to get a respon. lol

Anonymous said...

please tattoo that to my belly.