Friday, January 24, 2014

I'll Have A Classic Coke, Please

It's an American standard form rejection is what it is, a classic. I stopped sending out short stories a while back, though I do have a collection of them that was never published as a book. Ah, books! I know a writer who used to make a living in the newspaper business with a syndicated column. Of the 20 papers that used to carry this friend's column, exactly 1 is still standing today. What is the fate of these print literary reviews? I can't help but wonder. Remember when books were things people wanted to have? I am just as guilty as anyone; I gave away all but a small shelf of books, mostly keeping those that were published by friends, or those that I love to use for teaching, or those that I simply love beyond reason. Also, I imagine, that very soon these paper rejections will be a thing of the past too. I feel like my novel is one of the last to be published on actual wood pulp at this late date in the new Century, don't you?

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