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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guess the F**** What, People

Dear Mice:
     I am sending this post from an undisclosed location in the desert.* I have been locked away in a bunker with Rosemary Ahern for some time now, revising my novel. She is an amazing editor, just as I imagined. So, I was not lying when I said I was lying that I was going to stop writing entirely. Or to put it in a positive construction: I have been working on the novel this last year without blogging.
     Since my hiatus there have been many more rejections, as you may have guessed. And, just so you know, peeps, I got them all without an agent. I had been sending the book out myself and getting read and rejected all by myself.
     Then, at the very turn of 2014, something wonderful happened. A publisher who wants my book has appeared like a vision from nowhere. My book is going to be published!
     It only took 15 years, but think about it, gentle mice, what the hell else would I have been doing during that time anyway. So congratulate me, and take heart. It seems that publishing still has some breath in it yet.
     I will post some of my more interesting rejections in the meantime, for your reading pleasure.  I am also going to blog the hell out of this publishing experience, so stay tuned.

*Not really; I've just finished watching all 6 seasons of Breaking Bad, so don't believe my dramatics, yo. My novel, however, really has been chosen for publication, bitches. That is not part of the joke.


Candy Sparks said...

Congrats! I am looking forward to reading about your updates.

Anonymous said...


Heynonnynonymous said...

Good for you! We knew you'd be back sooner or later with a story of triumph.

Puffy said...

Holy crap! Of all the years I've been following your awesome blog, this is the best post. Congratulations!

Big ol' SUCK IT to rejection letters everywhere!

Emily Saso said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad I came back to your blog randomly! Good news does happen to good writers! Yay!