Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Hundred Books to Read Every Week

I found this rejection online since it is now, apparently, all the rage to post one's rejections, though remember the good old days when people used to post comments telling me I would get sued and lynched, and I would never get published in "this town" again?  I wasn't getting published in any town anyway, was my thought on the matter.  That was what was funny.  That and the fact that no one really gave a crap about my posting my little treasure trove of rejections.  But when this whole concern started in 2007, it was a radical move to expose the names of the rejecters, which I have generally done. This particular found rejection has the name of the writer removed, as well as the last name of "Vicki, Agency Editor."  Because the title "Agency Editor" is so unusual, you can pretty much use the old Google-Whats-It and figure out who she is. Very young, bless her heart.

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