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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look Who's Gone Digital!

From: Fiction,   
Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011  
Subject: Re: via contact us form 

We regret that we are unable to use the enclosed material. Thank youfor giving us the opportunity to consider it. 
The Editors


Anonymous said...

I have received the standard rejection reply from the New Yorker magazine many times. This last however was different.

Dear (my name),

We are grateful for the opportunity to read and consider your new work.
We are very much regret that we are unable to carry it in the magazine. We do, however look forward to reading more when the time comes.
Sincerely Paul Muldoon (poetry editor)
Elizabeth Denison (poetry coordinator)
What does this mean?
I'm not obtuse.
Maybe paranoid.
Does anyone think this is positive or a tiered response or "here's a nice way to reject your work so that you don't go postal on our offices?"

Writer, Rejected said...

Wow...this is newsworthy! I will post as new and let's see what the peanut gallery thinks.