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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rejections from Binghamton (Also Writers)

Dear Writer [First and Last Name]: Thank you for submitting your work to Harpur Palate. Though it does not meet our current needs, we appreciate the opportunity to consider it for publication. We wish you the best in placing it elsewhere. As writers ourselves, we know how much effort goes into each piece you send out, so we regret the use of a form rejection, but the volume of manuscripts we receive makes a personal reply impossible. Sincerely, Sara Erdmann, Harpur Palate


Anonymous said...

You've got to wonder about a print magazine that uses blogspot as its website. I get that its run by grad students and supposed to be a little ramen-noodly, but they couldn't find one person who new HTML/CSS and how to purchase and set up a domain? Their budget must be tighter than a frog's asshole. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...


Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I haven't literally checked, but I'm pretty sure our budget is tighter.