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Saturday, October 27, 2012

And Then We Came To The End

Okay, truth out. I didn't really give up writing; it was (yet again) an idle threat. In fact, I reworked my novel and came up with a new structure for my memoir. So, worry not, mice: I will go on (cue disco music). I will publish these suckers if it kills me, and it probably will. Keep your eye out on this blog. I will send up a flare and let you know when my manuscripts get published.


Inspirational Sayings About Life said...

Gone thinking! I love it haha. That's the whole reason I fish. So that picture really speaks to me.

emitchellwrites said...

Random person here. I just found your blog and want to wish you the best of luck and hope that if you are still working on getting published that it happens soon. I am working on it myself and sort of wish you were still up and running. I would gladly send you some rejections. I love the "great but not for us" - even though we asked for exactly what you gave us. So you didn't really think it great, did you? Makes me wish I never wrote a book. Sort of. :-/ Gluttons, we are. Anywhoozits, good luck again and may the odds yadda yadda.