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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fixing The Novel Loop Controversy

This weekend, I am going to proof the novel-to-be. I really stressed over the opening this week, which was a surprise, since I'd worked on it for, oh say, 15 years, and it was down pretty pat, but then there was the loop controversy.  The loop went like this: opening scene introducing the main character, section looping back to the past and leading up to the opening scene, then narrative moving forward in time. Certain readers were confused, didn't like, felt betrayed, by this loop. I agreed to simply start in the past and move forward in a straight narrative line, and I lived with it for a few weeks.  Other certain readers were unmoved, didn't like, felt betrayed, by the new straight forward opening. All this made me kind of anxious, and uncertain. Finally, I figured out a way to work the loop into making sense: thank you future verb tense of the English language; you solved my problem. So I am back to the opening the way I like it with a few minor adjustments. I hope it's the right decision.  I don't know. I think you need the most compelling opening you can possibly create these days. Who has patience for a book that doesn't draw you in. Seems like any excuse to put a book down could lead to its demise, especially these facebook days. I did feel enormously relieved to have made the decision and found an answer to the problem. That must be a sign, right?

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