Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fictionville Insults

Here's a real beauty of a rejection sent in today from an anonymous LROD reader: Thank you for your story. I will not publish ["Title of Story"] on Fictionville. Although the last sentence of the story was better than all of the previous text, the narrator in each of your stories appears petulant, trifling, misogynistic, boring, self-important, and whiny. The stories turn out to be pretty awful. You are welcome to send other stories. Thank You, Paul Anderson, editor,
Seriously?  After that slam-down, dude wants to see more work?  There must have been something good in there.


Anonymous said...

I go to I click on a story. It's first person, present tense. I stop reading.
The next story is actually a poem.
The third story is a misunderstanding of flash fiction.

I'm not sure the editor is qualified to reject anyone.

Emotional Problems of Toenail Clippings said...

I checked out their site as well. The bulk of the stories are written by the same 5 or 6 people. I think it's one of those zines started by someone who couldn't bear any more rejection and just started a magazine of his own, and then published himself under pseudonyms.

It wouldn't be the first time it happened; it won't be the last. On a tangent, I always thought the CLPM should have a separate arm for their more masturbatory members, CSPPM, Council of Self Publishing Presses and Magazines.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an editor, that means that he read to the end of your story.

Not all editors do that. I usually go about three paragraphs before I tell a writer to peddle it somewhere else.

Lindsay Price said...

Wow. That is some meanness. If only he channeled his energy for good he could solve world hunger or something...

Anonymous said...

Here's a first for me: Accepted at Fictionville, then, five minutes later after sending pic and bio editor "changed his mind." He said it had nothing to do with the "attachments," said he hadn't even opened them, but it had to do with the story. I don't know what to believe, but it's just a big ball of unprofessional all around and I ain't even that bad lookin'.