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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miscellany Reject Reads

  1. SYLVIA PLATH rejected because: "There isn't enough genuine talent."
  2. JACK KEROUAC rejected due to: "Frenetic...scrambling."
  3. ANNE FRANK rejected for being: "Very dull."
  4. GEORGE ORWELL rejected because it's: "Impossible to sell animal stories."
  5. JORGE LUIS BORGES rejected as: "Utterly untranslatable"
  6. VLADIMIR NABOKOV rejected for being: "Too racy."
  7. ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER rejected insultingly: "It's Poland and the rich Jews again."
  8. ANAIS NIN rejected because there's:  "No commercial advantage in acquiring her."


John Bruce said...

Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath was in the final stages of contract at Viking when Steinbeck's editor went on vacation. A sub-editor found the MS, decided it was insufficiently Marxist, and sent Steinbeck a rejection. The editor returned, rescinded the rejection, and fired the sub-editor.

Anonymous said...

maybe if John Steinbeck had joined the writers who don't suck at myspace the sub editor would have been all like "oh yeah, Jo s-beck, he cool." and the editor all like "fo sho"

The Rejection Queen said...

Wow, just think. One day I maybe be on that list lol