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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rejection Saga From Hell

There's an interestingly comprehensive rejection trouncing over at a site called Resumes from Hell (also the name of a much rejected humor book).  The authors (Jon Reed and Rachel Meyers) had a reportedly 0/1,000,000 success ratio, before they gave up and self-published.  There are ten other rejections over there.  Plus you a link to the book (which you can buy at Amazon), reviews, and interviews.


Anonymous said...

It's comes off as weird when it's from an agent who represents humor books: "It's funny; but I do not feel I could be successful."

Anonymous said...

agent made the right choice. this isn't the kind of humor book i'd buy either. funny concept, but ultimately kind of dreary and depressing.

Anonymous said...

Making fun of unemployed people's desperation to find work just isn't funny -- that's the problem with the book. It mocks people who haven't done anything to deserve it, except sending in their resumes in good faith.

These authors are tone-deaf as well as vicious.

It actually makes me feel good to know they never found a publisher.

Maybe they should consider actually WRITING something funny, instead of just laughing at people they find pathetic.

Anonymous said...

A+ Maggie! You're right, writing is much harder than simply compiling.

Also, I wonder if the agent shot down the book because of the risk of lawsuits. I can't imagine the "authors" got permission from the resume writers, so they must have just blackened the names out LROD style. But you could still tell if it was yor letter, so it would be possible to sue if they used your letter w/o permission. Smart agent.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to find that some agents now refer to themselves as "content provider representatives." That sounds a little dehumanizing, dontcha think? I'm a writer, dammit. A content provider sounds like a machine part. Some people probably think of writers as just part of the media machine, but do they have to rub it our faces?