Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So You Want to Write a Novel

This is who gets published instead of you. Courtesy of a nice mouse who sent me the link.  My favorite line is:
Q: "I assumed you've used a steak knife, right?"
A: "Of course."
Q: "Do you think you're qualified to perform neurosurgery?"
A: "Ha, ha. That's funny. I might base a character on you."
Q: "So do you think that being able to read and write in your native language qualifies you to write a novel?"
A: "How many editors will Random House assign to my novel?"
Q: "Minus 13."


Radek said...

for some crazy reason I I believe I'll make into poetry magazine. having a unusual mind and all. after getting in I'll help get you in writer rejected so you could retire the blog when your 90 lol

magazine editor's if you would you like to be him retire one day email me lol goodozog@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

you could get published instead lol
I'm joking put that what crossed my mind when I added poetry foundation and Chicago.
well I'm joken it just my outlandish, how ever you spell it, humor. sorry Chicago I cant help but thinking al Capone when Chicago fly's over my head. lol

Anonymous said...

see not be retire lol