Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry, No Take backs

This was sent to a writer who had already withdrawn the submission due to acceptance for publication elsewhere:
Dear Writer: We appreciate your willingness to entrust us with your writing. Unfortunately, we have decided that your submission does not meet our needs at this time. We do encourage you to continue submitting your work to us. Please check our website for upcoming announcements and submission guidelines. Best of luck to you in your writing life. Sincerely, The New Madrid Editors


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to start an official list of which magazines reply send rejections in reply to withdrawal notices. These editors are seriously lacking in class and tact.

When I was an assistant editor we ALWAYS congratulated the author who sent a withdrawal notice, even if the story was rejection fodder. We NEVER told the author that we would have rejected the story anyway.

Take withdrawn submissions out of your queue so you don't reject them later. How hard is that? When you're evaluating a story, make sure that the latest communique from the author isn't a notice of withdrawal. That will save you the time of reading submissions that are unavailable.

Why are so many amateurs playing magazine editor? If you can't do it right, get the fuck out of this biz. It's bad enough we have so many amateur writers filling up slush piles with garbage. And I see that New Madrid is yet another non-paying publication. Holy eye-roll.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous' assistant editor practices...

I've gotten congratulations from journals that I had to withdraw from. It's such a nice feeling. Thank you for being part of that practice.