Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Third Coast, No Place

I think we once discussed where the Third Coast is located, didn't we?
Dear Writer:

Thank you for entering "Title" in our 2012 Fiction and Poetry Contests. We had some amazing submissions this year, but there can only be one winner in each category. This year's winners have been chosen: Jaimy Gordon has picked CJ Hauser's "Abandoned Cars" for the Jaimy Gordon Prize in Fiction, and Major Jackson has selected Maggie Millner's "Fish Story" as the winner of the Poetry Prize. Below are a list of finalists.

Thanks again for allowing us to read your work, and we hope you'll submit again next year. In the meantime, enjoy your one-year subscription to Third Coast!

All the best,
The Editors of Third Coast

2012 List of Finalists:

Fiction Finalists:

Karin C. Davidson for “Two Girls Laughing”
Dana Fitz Gale for “Cousin”
Joe Hiland for “Ronnie Cordova’s Amazing Mustache”
Sequoia Nagamatsu for “The Silence of the Third Inversion”
Steven Trumpeter for “Looper”
Maggie White for “The White Skirt: An Adventure in Nine Parts”

Poetry Finalists:

Laura Behr for “Hetaera” and “A Wilderness of Wildwoods and Roadblocks”
Jadyn DeWald for “Triptych for Morgan, Bird, and Brown”
Kate Rutledge Jaffe for “From the Soft Fingers of the Highway”
Corey Van Landingham for “Hermetic”
Maggie Millner for “Equus”
Brad Modlin for “Tonight We Remember that Some Time Ago, We Were Snatched from the
Cornfield and Crumpled on the Cement Barn Floor” and “Pine Cones and Lightning Rods”
Michael Schmeltzer for “Dear Jane”
Nancy C. Thomas for “Hearing Cicadas”
Mark Wagenaar for “Blue Arabesque” 

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