Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's Your Subtropical Opinion?

Dear Writer: Thanks for giving us the chance to read "Title." Although this piece isn't going to work for us, we like your writing and would welcome the chance to see more from you. Sincerely, Editors, SUBTROPICS
The submitter of this rejection asks you a question about this rejection. "I've gotten enough rejections from Subtropics to know that this isn't their standard version, however they've sent it a week after their submission period has ended.  I'd be crazy to assume they're inviting me to submit before they reopen, right?"  Please say what you think.


Anonymous said...

Even if you get that rejection, they won't read a new submission from you if you send it when they're closed.

Laura Maylene said...

It means try again with a different piece when they reopen for submissions -- not before. While this might be a higher tiered form rejection, it's still a form rejection.

Unless an editor sends you a personal email asking you to submit something, follow their guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Subtropics is now charging a $3 reading fee for all submissions except those sent during a 15-day window at the beginning of their reading period. And except those sent by the people they solicit, the only ones they actually intend to publish. That excludes me, you, or anyone else you know, unless you know the usual MFA goblins.

Marie, who has never been published in Subtropics said...

That's because Subtropics Magazine is being gouged by Submittable Submission Manager, a completely unnecessary expense when the CLMP Submission Maganager is much more affordable and does the same thing. Someone on Subtropics' staff must be getting a kickback from Submittable, not to mention what a profit Subtropics is raking in for $3 a pop! How utterly ridiculous, shame on them! It does NOT cost $3 per submission to recoup their expenses, but if it did, they should use a cheaper system. Unbelievable.

And yeah, Subtropics solicits most of their issues. Look at the headliners; those writers were not plucked from the slush pile.