Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Doing Our Small Part to Reject You

Here's a recent Night Train Literary Magazine rejection sent in by a faithful reader:

"Dear Zumabitch: Thank you for sending us [name of short story]. Unfortunately, it's not what we're looking for. Take heart: there's a wide literary world out there, and we're only one small part.

Best of luck with this and all your writing.


Alicia Gifford
The Editors
Night Train"


Anonymous said...

For those interested, the turnaround time was a zippy 23 days.

Writer, Rejected said...

That's fast!

Anonymous said...

They probably were thrown by the first line of the story and went no farther. Required suspension of disbelief.

Still, yes, that's a record; the only other with that velocity is Anderbo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you really signed your entires "zumabitch" they'd publish you for the novelty of your name. God knows they could use something to perk up the bloodless, tired shit they publish now.