Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Same Old Story: New Letters, Not You

Here's an announcement of the winners of the New Letters 2007 Literary Awards for Writers. Guess what? I didn't win. (But I could give a gift subscription and get a free CD!)


Anonymous said...

But, WR, perhaps you are not--relatively speaking--"often neglected." Then again, neither is Sara Pritchard, who has taken the laurel at another contest as well, bless her heart. (I love the cover of her "Crackpots.")

I do like that the free CD is not, apparently, automatically included. It must be "selected" to make the gift subscription a "literary package."

The Quoibler said...

A free CD! My gosh! That's not a rejection notice! It's a wonderful opportunity! How could you possibly pass it up? (*winks*)

Incidentally, you've been "plugged" at my place.