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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Toilet Ad--Some Kind of Message?

Listen up, Googlidiots, what's the deal with the ad that's now in rotation at the bottom of my blog? It says: BATHROOM IDEAS--Explore bath & shower products for innovative, stylish bathroom ideas. Is this some kind of rejecting commentary on my work? You don't think I get enough crap from the editors and agents in this business? (Google = Cold.)


Anonymous said...

Do the Google Gods know that you write shit? Just kidding. I like the ad at the bottom of your blog that says: "Divorce Stopping Secrets. Easy strategies that really work to stop divorce or lover's rejection." Ha!

x said...

You know, your blog could take a whole new turn here. Let google smother your blog with ads that you critique while they're trying to sell the stuff. Of course, then you won't get any money because your blog won't sell anything, but it would have plenty of material to complain about. I mean, just in case you run out of rejection letters. As if.

Anonymous said...

Like this one:

"Become a Rafter
Talented journalists sought for revolutionary online media"


Writer, Rejected said...

TIV: Just like with my writing, I'm not exactly in it for the bucks.