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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lost Love Connection Rejection

Here is a truly entertaining rejection, which was sent in by a reader, who had previously been set up on a disastrous blind date with an editor. Apparently, learning of the bad date (where the author was bored silly by the editor and got drunk to pass the time), the author's agent couldn't resist sending the novel to the rebuffed editor just to see what would happen! Here's a choice line in the rejection letter: "....the ending seemed way too convenient to me. I was genuinely captivated by...[the] relationship once it kicked in … but then disappointed when they broke off so easily...." Sounds like a subliminal message about the blind date to me. Funny!


SouthernBelle said...

Pretty funny!

I would LOVE to be a reader for a literary agent.

Although it probably isn't as good as it sounds... also, I would summarily reject anyone with bad grammar and spelling, which probably isn't fair.

; )

Anonymous said...

I have a question that just came to me today. So, we have all these rejection letters, but do any acceptances ever come in the mail? Are we waiting by the mailbox in vain? Is it possible to get an acceptance by mail, or is it just done by e-mail or telephone call?