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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Farhad Manjoo Not Sold on Kindle

That crazy hipster-nerd Farhad Manjoo (I wish I were him) over at has been using Amazon's Kindle e-book reader for a week. He gives it a mixed review:

1) convenient for traveling
2) pleasing ink-on-paper display

1) $400.00
2) bad graphics display

Still, there is something eerie about the little device; it seems to have our future written all over it, doesn't it? Someone will come out with a perfect, cheap version, making actual book libraries a thing of the past. I think I can see it happening already.


Anonymous said...

And the past becomes more and more beautiful: actual public buildings filled with actual books. And oh, yeah, small towns with downtowns, soaring public architecture, etc.

L. Shepherd said...

It looks like it would be pretty handy and I blogged about it as well. But, I'll never get one. I'll take a dog-eared book with water damage over a screen any day.