Thursday, July 3, 2008

Literary Legal Battle

Uh-oh, watch out!  If you blog about all things literary, including those which are just plain crappy, you might get your patootie sued.  According to Gawker and, Agent Barbara Bauer is suing "the entire Internet" for calling her a scam agent.  
Here's a highlight from

Bauer's critics, many of them authors, have repeatedly belittled her on blogs and websites and contributed to a now-deleted page about her on Wikipedia, according to the lawsuit. They also have posted indecent photos of her, the suit says, by doctoring images of her taken from her literary agency website and created belittling videos about her on YouTube, including one titled "Crouching Snark, Hidden Dragon."

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Dawno said...

If you or any of your readers would like to help the defendants in this case, please visit and consider a donation to their legal defense fund. Thank you.

Dawn O’Bryan-Lamb
fund administrator