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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Snark Would Hate LROD

I found this the other day, while surfing. It's a Q&A from Miss Snark dated 4/6/08:

BAD bad bad idea

Dear Miss Snark,

A friend and I, in an attempt to encourage ourselves to get off our duffs and submit the manuscripts we've been sitting on, thought of posting the rejection letters we are sure to receive on a blog with possibly amusing comments from one or both of us. Would agents be likely to get upset if the blog were generally available for reading by whoever happens by? That is, should we go the more-traditional route of papering our walls with such letters or using them as scratch-paper? We're aware that most of these are likely to be form letters and therefore not fascinating to anyone but us.

Miss Snark Replies:

au contraire, mon cher.

Posting your rejection letters with "amusing comments" is funny right up until you post one from me. The advent of the "egogoogle" means I see a lot of what you write about me that you perhaps wish I hadn't. I don't send you rejection letters with the idea you'll post them and comment. You can certainly do it, but you'll have to embrace the fall out as readily as you do the fun of the moment.

I had recently heard from an editor who told me about a blogger who was outraged to hear a writing conference wanted her blog posts about agents attending the conference to be "toned down". The blogger thought she was being helpful. The agents who read her comments were more than a bit taken aback to find their bios critiqued and their job history reviewed.

(If you want an explanation of why that was not a good idea, remember agents are guests of conferences; don't get paid to attend; and being critiqued in public may be a job hazard these days but it's not the part we like best. It doesn't feel very welcoming if you look up a conference, and one of the blogs linked to the site is shredding you. Consider it this way: would you feel good about a conference that posted your bio/resume and critiqued it?).

These are the kinds of conversations and amusements best left OFF your websites and blogs. This is what dive bars, cloak rooms and Miss Snark's Salon for Wayward Agents are for.


Maybe Lady Snark will come out of retirement to give her profesh opinion over here on LROD. I've seen her comment on a blog or two since she packed it in. Maybe she'll feel compelled to give me a personal tongue lashing and a stiletto-heel bashing. For those who have charged me with masochism, it is true that I would enjoy such a working over from the Snarkmeister. I'm sure she is among those who thinks I'll never get published in this town now.  As if I was getting published before, but now really, really won't ever get published again.

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I hate your blog!