Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Me....You? (Stephani & Mr. P's Red Comaro)

Here's another real-life rejection story about those slimy lizards:

Just got a rejection from Salamander ... for a story I did NOT write. Really. This is just pitiful. And their website does not offer an email address to alert the office of the mistake, though from previous comments here I gather they don't really care. 

So, if you are the writer who sent Salamander a story about Stephani and Mr. P's red Camaro know that you've been rejected. Salamander will never get around to telling you.

It would be great if the anonymous writer submitting this story came back and told us the real author's name.  I think it would be a public service to let him/her know of this literally misguided rejection.


Anonymous said...

The standard rejection slip came with only one random page of the story in question, and I don't recall the page number. There was no author name anywhere, which is why I just included the names of the characters in my post. I assume somewhere someone got a page of my story with a little rejection slip, and was similarly annoyed. I wonder how often this happens to folks. This is the second time for me; don't remember which publication, though. Must start keeping a list, I guess. Depressing.

anonymiserable said...

Oh No! Although that wasn't my story, I've been waiting 179 days to hear from Salamander and I thought the wait was just because they loved my story. Now i know the truth. They rejected it long ago, just not to my face. Slimy b*st*rds indeed.