Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Weird

Somehow GalleyCat is having a summer cutest cat contest.  If that's not totally weird enough, some of the agents and editors, who should be busy rejecting you, are busy posing their pussies and taking photos for this total lame-itude.  Seriously: Check this out. And this and this! Yo! What is up with that? I cannot make head nor tails of it.


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is deeply disturbing (and I have nothing against cats, hell, I like them and own one).

Several of the cute critters have been given (hilarious, haha!) captions and one (called "Katinka" I think it was) says the highly appropriate "WHY ARE U NOT WORKING?" Why indeed. Another seems to imply (haha!) that the pussies are doing the critiques / rejections (haha!). Which would explain a lot.

I'm surprised this hasn't provoked more comments, but then again people might be either too weary to bother or be blanking it, pretending it doesn't exist.

Deeply disturbing.

John said...

Didn't I read somewhere that a big problem in the publishing industry is all the overhead?

KATE EVANS said...

No apostrophe in "heads."

Otherwise you're impeccable.

Writer, Rejected said...

Sometimes I like to leave an intentional error in my blog posts, so the God's won't be jelaous and zap my site meter. It's an ancient tradition from ancient lands to remind us that we are all mere imperfect mortals who will one day die. I think I'll keep it there, as a reminder to all. I'm selfless that way.

Writer, Rejected said...

Oops: "gods." Don't want to get too carried away with my bad self.

Writer, Rejected said...

Nah....couldn't leave it. I have plenty of flaws to keep me safe.