Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ongoing Wiki Saga

Well, the good news is that, after several attempts by fans, followed by several failures to stick, it looks like LROD is finally on Wikipedia to stay.
The bad news is that the description fails to mention how hospitable we ultimately were: (1) we promoted, read, and discussed Darin Strauss' novel and that he did point out in the Village Voice that we were on friendly terms (though the journalist chose not to include that fact); (2) we welcomed and featured Scott Snyder's new short story collection; and (3) we had a fruitful series of discussions with Ted Genoways after VQR readers' comments were made public and Genoways apologized (sort of).

Oh well.  it doesn't matter if we're misunderstood; we still know who we are; right, mice?  At least they mentioned the GAK awards.


Anonymous said...

And Names don't matter?
Darin Strauss, Scott Snyder, Ted Genoways. Your claim to fame!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow, I had no idea I had wandered into such a hotbed of controversy!

Anonymous said...

those shadows look like things with reservoir tips. not sure how that image fits in with your wikipedia victory.

anyhoo, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I thought the following eserved LROD attention.

Now they want us to dress up for the rejections.