Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rejected By My Own State

I found this one in my old emails.  I applied to my state's artists grants, but didn't win.  Here's the rejection:

Dear Ms/r. Rejected: 
    Thank you for applying to the 2010 Art Fellow Program of [State in Which I Live]. While I regret to say that your work was not recommended for funding, I want you to know your investment of time, energy, and vision in creating new art in the state is deeply appreciated. 
    Applications for [This Program Name] were open to all eligible artists. A total number of 1064 with 632 in Fiction/Creative Nonfiction, and 272 in Poetry, among the other categories.  etc....


Matt Rowan said...

F*#$ing states and their fancy rejections for Art Fellowships.

Mz M. said...

"Now if you'll just kindly volunteer (for free) to carry appetizer trays at our charity functions for the next 5 years, maybe do a little bar tending (also for free), do some phone banking in your spare time (using YOUR phone), maybe, possibly in the far distant future we will generously offer you a $1,500 2nd place grant."

(You know, the same amount of money you could have EARNED from a real job in one-tenth the time it takes us to decide you're talented.)

Anonymous said...

Based on some unique circumstances and the appearance of rare grant opportunities last year, I was rejected by FOUR different grants at the state/county/city level. All told, I lost out on the chance of a total of $37,500. Bam.

For all four, I came close -- making it to the final rounds, etc. But of course I ended up with only four lovely rejections.

Based on funding woes at these various arts organizations, etc., I think at least the largest 3 of these grants will not be offered next year. And after next year I might move out of state.

In conclusion: I am boned.