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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Appelonius x 4

Got this in the mail and even snitched the title of the email to use for this post. Clever mouse to think it up: "Should You Not Have Seen This, Golden Boy Appelonius Has 2 Finalist Collections and 2 SemiFinalist Collections in the Hudson Prize. Not Stories. COLLECTIONS! 4 COLLECTIONS. That's f--king insane." The agents who turned our guy Jacob down are nuts if you ask me. They think no one will buy his books, but how hard would it be to turn his story in to a great hook for the media?  Don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Four entire collections. That's crazy. And I guess it answers our questions about whether he's submitted collections to contests, lol.

So they haven't announced the winner yet, right? So he could still win this contest and get a book out there. Good luck, Jacob Appel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is total insanity in every sense. Jacob Appel is our Everyman really, isn't he. He is the embodiment of the best of us.

He = us.

Go us!!!

Dr. Queekshanks said...

I know we are supposed to be his cheerleaders, but I confess I have only read one or two stories of his, and while he is a good writer, his short story writing does not stick in my memory. There is too much stuff out there very similar to what he writes. Other than sheer volume, what makes Appel distinct? Perhaps a more unique voice could come from a novel. Appel should write a novel, that's my prescription.

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