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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Lyon's Share of No

A reader wrote in to say that Emily Skeggs from the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency sent the following email rejection: "Dear...Thank you for seeking us out. We're sorry for the late reply. Your novel,...., sounds like an interesting project. Unfortunately, we will not be taking you on. Good luck with the project and best wishes to you."

Then, a few days later, just to be sure, she sent back an SASE with the same rejection: "Dear...Thank you for seeking us out. We're sorry for the late reply, etc..."

Guess she really didn't like the work!


x said...

The project? As in Science Fair Project? As in, I can barely refer to this "thing" as a novel, so I'm going to use the euphemism "the project" which is the closest I can come to in describing this "thing."??

Anonymous said...

Indie: you shed a whole new light on the topic. Maybe she meant "project" like in "Manhattan Project" - like, code for: your book is a bomb?

x said...

Just what we need, clever editorial metaphors to interpret on top of the agony of rejection!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love it when rejecters have to make "tough decisions," too. Yeah, right. It's really tough on *you* to have to say no, edgents (that's editors and agents, mind you).


Anonymous said...

well, mabey it was an ACCIDENT and no offence but i think that you are just a jealus, imature auther that needed smine to cry to about you crappy novel