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Friday, September 14, 2007

Me and Mary Flannery

A reader sent this in and commented that I have more in common with Flannery O'Connor than even I (or Rosemary Ahern) suspected. It's an article from her high school newspaper. It says:

Peabodite Reveals Strange Hobby

"Mary Flannery, what's your hobby?"

"Collecting rejections slips."


"Publisher's rejecitons slips!"

And so the secret slipped out! Mary Flannery O'Connor is an author--of three whole books--illustrations and everything! But nothing can be put beyond Mary Flannery--Nothing is impossible. She began writing at the delicate age of six and jsut kept righton writing until "Mistaken Identity," "Elmo," and "Gertrude" were produced. These incidentally are the same three books mentioned above. Each one of them is about a goose. They are of a novelty type-too old for young children and too young for old people. As for Mary Flannery's ambition, she wants to keep right on writing, particularly satires.

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Anonymous said...

She has always been my hero, but now, knowing she had a goose named Haile Selassie, she is the ultimate.