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Monday, September 17, 2007

Not the Cat's Meow

Bluecat Screenplay Competition charges a hefty entry fee for their rejections. For your trouble you get a professional analysis of your movie script, which at times reads like a college essay. I would include it here, but it would blow my cover. It says things like: "Snappy dialogue," and "Love the conversations between people," and "Good scene" or "You've got too many line directions."


The Quoibler said...

I wonder if their acceptance letter includes the sentence "It's purrrrrrrfect!"?

Hm. I must go bat around a mouse or two now... excuse me...


Anonymous said...

Aw, c'mon WR, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that the winner is "quite a person" and NOT the mouse in bluecat's jaws? (the bit about too many line directions is very strange - are line directions covered by another Union or something?)
Just to cheer you up: In my three rejections today (I send personalized queries; but SASEs are like geese, they like to flock for the trans-Atlantic flyover), my favorite is from Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada (what was I thinking? Never mind.) It's a combination generic rejection cum publicity flyer. The first paragraph of the rejection informs me: "We only handle adult, book-length fiction and nonfiction. We are declining either because you submitted something else,..." (not) "...or we can't help you achieve the success you want for your book." Whatever, right? There follows the usual yada-yada about the industry and how tough it is and the hang-in-there etcs.
The kicker is in the final paragraph: "Since we have taken the time to read what you submitted, we hope that you will take a few seconds to look at other side (sic) of this letter." Like: hey, writer, the hardship you put us through deserves a payback. I gave other side (sic) the same careful consideration my book had so obviously received. Guess what? I'm passing on the opportunity to fork out $545 + airfare for the Fifth San Francisco Writers Conference AND the $50 supplement for SPEED DATING WITH AGENTS. Sheesh... How about FLASHDANCING WITH EDITORS while we're at it?
Yours truly in rejection.

Writer, Rejected said...

Damn, that's totally gross. Will you send me a copy of that at writerrejected at I'd love to post that little sleazy number!

Anonymous said...

rofl @ "flashdancing with editors"

Remember the romantic editor? The one who wanted a courtship or whatever? Well maybe a little striptease will warm the way to romance with her!

Anonymous said...

Be glad to, WR. in fact, I'm sending it right now. But be forewarned: I did a TOTAL number on it - there's red marker everywhere!