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Friday, November 21, 2008

Isn't It All Just Fear, Fear, Fear?

Here's an interesting rejection from an anonymous editor to an anonymous writer that arrived via email today:

Dear Writer: 

Lots of explaining, positing. Needed more violence/slug/portals/fear/death/fear/fear/fear.
What's urgent? What needs to be told? Are you starting as close to the end as possible? What moves?  No thank you.

[Editor on Ritalin]

It's like someone's version of an MFA in less than 7 sentences!  (The unfortunate "no thank you" doesn't count.) 


The Rejection Queen said...

Ok, okay...this picture on your blog is by worse the most disgusting picture you've posted yet! ECK!

Writer, Rejected said...

RQ: So glad you brought it up because this dude is Brazilian and he's famous for being able to do this eye thing. He just strains, slightly, apparently, and they pop out of his head. I couldn't resist.

Jason Jordan said...

The publication is NO COLONY, I'm sure. I received a similar rejection recently.

Anonymous said...

If the wind changes, you'll get stuck like that and then you'll be sorry!

John Bruce said...

Ha! So is this their version of a form rejection??

ryan call said...

how is this a version of an mfa?