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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ed Wilson's Preemptive Rejection

Well, I guess if you win the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal for Literature, the unwashed peeps are going to ask you for things.  The little check mark next to the declined request is what came back from the very, very busy Mr. Wilson.  What would your list of preemptive strikes look like?
    Mine would include:
  • Take out the garbage 
  • Forward stupid emails 
  • Shovel the driveway
  • Appear on T.V. (but only because I'm shy) 
Thanks to The Blog of Tim Ferriss for the original find.

1 comment:

hoobris said...

Really? Edmund Wilson won't autograph books for strangers for any price? How 'bout a million bucks, Ed? That not enough to move it up to the first section? Make it out to "unknown persons who have no apparent business with him." I'll pay a million to have that on the inside flap.