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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tallying, Tallying, Tallying: More Rejections to Come?

So, as per your advice (some of you), I sent out a friendly little email to the agents who have had my novel under consideration since the dawn of time. Here are the results:
  1. Half way through and is "enjoying it," so doesn't want to be counted out.  Apology for lameness of taking 6 months.  (Wonder if halfway means no compelling reason to finish?)
  2. "Wha? Huh? You never sent it to me. I want it. Send it now. I'll read right away."  (Of course, I had sent it at the beginning of September, but who am I to argue?)
  3. Radio silence
Also, re: the agent who liked my writing, but wasn't really into my novel topic, and wanted to see my other work, thinking that I might not oppose piece-meal representation, I sent some samples off.  Immediately got a cheery email with apology that holidays were busy, but the New Year would be the perfect time to read my materials.

So, that's three for four.


Johanna Moran said...

I'd call that promising, W.R.

Chazz said...

Maybe these people need more readers or something. I have to wonder if there's a way to streamline their process.

After more agent web presence exploration, I have to add that I'm really sick (still) of agents who have to love love love something in order to sell it. The only question should be, can they sell it? When I was a sales rep in publishing, my enthusiasm did not have to reach orgasmic levels for every book in order to sell to bookstores. (That would be exhausting, yes?) It seems they set the bar too high. Perhaps they are delicate geniuses.
Or are full of shit. I don't know. (Sorry. Cranky today!)

I am not visiting any more agent websites for awhile and will watch rejection through the humor filter you provide here. I can't even watch when other people get their queries critiqued so I better not submit anything myself until I lose twenty pounds, get my hair colored, polish the manuscript till it blinds and feel good about myself again through extensive colonic irrigation and setting up a IV drip of Deepak Chopra slurry.

I've said too much.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.

Hey, why doesn't your blog update in my reader? Is it you? Is it me?

Writer, Rejected said...

Anony: Not sure. Can anyone help out here? Is it anony or is it LROD? Also, do you guys get an option to email posts on my blog. I have it set that way, but I think it still somehow refuses to offer the option. In need of technical help....obv.