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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Oh, if only every author came with his or her own huge, eager readership fan base. Wouldn't the publishing houses snap us all up? Now, you can build your own legit audience, and HarperCollins is going to help you.  It's yet another attempt by the publishing industry to harness the electrical juice of the online community.  HarperCollins UK calls it Authonomy.
Here's what Victoria Barnsley, CEO and publisher oF HCUK, says: 

“Very often we hear from budding new authors who tell us their script was loved by their family, book group or wide circle of friends. Authonomy™ is an opportunity for these authors to woo a large audience, get an army of support behind them, and really test whether their work has got what it takes to make it.”

Ho-hum.  Actually, I only know about this travesty from my own huge, eager readership fan base (just kidding, guys), but thanks puc.


x said...

How do they expect to count/measure fans? With Technorati? There are more ways to game technorati than the cheat in Las Vegas. They are so naive. Anything can be gamed on the Internet. So sad. The desperation.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any fans ... I'm just glad she didn't write "whether or not" ... made my day.