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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sorry to Inform You

Here's a sadly classic rejection note sent in by an anonymous reader:

"Dear Writer: Thanks for you interest, but [name of magazine] has been discontinued. Sincerely, The Editors"

It's not you....we're just going out of business.


Anonymous said...

actually, this is my favorite kind of rejection -- like the "it's not you, it's me" breakup, except in this case, it's really about the other party. there's the implicit assumption that if the magazine had survived, you would have published my story!

or, perhaps, had you published my work earlier, you wouldn't have gone out of business.

x said...

At least they didn't accept the piece.

Anonymous said...

what bookfraud said!

Is this the magazine that was edited by Joyce Carol Oates's husband? He died recently and the magazine was shut down. I remember reading about this somewhere. Probably here, come to think of it.

JohnFox said...

Yes, Ontario Review. I just received a rejection from them that said the same thing (We're shutting down). Too bad they don't have the decency to take down their submission page, or put a warning that the journal has shut down. Maybe that's hard to do when you're dead.